Legislative | Mid Atlantic State Pipe Trades

There are several pieces of legislation we are working on or tracking in the Maryland Legislature this year.  Please reach out to your legislators and ask them to support our priorities and oppose the bad bills.  Find out who represents me?


Top Priority

SB 259/HB 611 - Prevailing Wage coverage for mechanical service contracts.  This bill would fix a misunderstanding in the state prevailing wage act to ensure it includes mechanical service contracts.  It defines mechanical service contracts as service on mechanical systems including Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and Elevators.


Other Priorities

SB 1/HB 145 - Prevailing Wage - Stop Work Orders.  This bill would give the Maryland Commissioner of Labor the ability to issue a stop work order on any prevailing wage worksite where misclassification has been found.

SB 671/HB 849 - Economic Development - Eligibility for State Job Creation Incentives.  This bill would prohibit certain entities from qualifying for state money (incentives) without labor standards.

SB 418/HB 569 - Energy Generation, Transmission, and Storage Projects - Required Community Benefit Agreement and Labor Standards.  This bill requires a community benefit agreement and labor standards on all energy projects.

HB 172 - Income Tax - Determination of Taxable Income - Union Dues and Expenses to Influence Collective Bargaining.  This bill would create a tax deduction for union dues and remove a tax exemption for businesses for union busting.

HB 388 - Prevailing Wage - University System of Maryland, Morgan State University, and St. Mary's College of Maryland.  This bill would remove an exemption the listed institution of higher education have in the prevailing wage act.

HB 526 - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Plumbing and Fuel Gas Services - Licenses and Penalties.  This bill would require a license to do work on fuel gas systems for WSSC and establish penalties. 


Bad Bills

HB 977 - Prevailing Wage Rate - Public School Construction - Moratorium.  This bill would ban prevailing wage on school construction projects.

HB 1052 - Public Safety - Gas Piping Systems - Construction Requirements.  This bill would ban certain types of pipes for gas pipe in new residential and commercial buildings.

HB 1203 - Labor and Employment - Private-Sector Employers - Right to Work.  This bill would make Maryland a Right to Work state.


The following bill are for the climate agenda being pushed this session.  These bills would all eliminate fossil fuels in all construction.

HB 365 - Public School Construction - Fossil Fuel-Based Energy System Costs - Prohibition.

HB 708 - Comprehensive Climate Solutions.

HB 831 - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Commercial and Residential Buildings. 

SB 528 - Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022.

SB 552 - Environment - Climate Crisis Plan - Requirement.